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Get fit while having FUN? YES!!! with Salsa Studio Vancouver

Gym doesn't work. You start off going 3 times a week to stay fit but you will literally fall off that treadmill after a few weeks because it's just boring. Gtting fit and staying fit is as much physical as mental and we all love group events for that reason. Salsa dancing in a group environment will help you get fit and stay fit through out the year. Rain or shine.

Imagine walking into our Salsa lesson in Vancouver and meeting people of all age and backgrounds. You started learning a new step with someone you never met before and within 15 minutes you know how to do a Salsa New Yorker with a turn. The music kicks in and now you are practicing with a partner. You are excited, smiling and your blood pumping from your new experience. Without you knowing an hour of Salsa lesson has passed. You are sweeting becuase you just exercised the entire hour without noticing the clock. That's the power of dancing Salsa, it's fun, easy and it's for everyone. See you at the Studio. Vancouver


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