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BACHATA Lessons in Vancouver                        Instructor Roger dancing Bachata


Bachata is a smooth and very sensual dance and is very popular in Vancouver.  We couple our Bachata lesson with awesome Latin outdoor dance party in Vancouver.  You will learn from the best Bachata teacher and also get to practice the patterns you learn all at the same place.  Best of all, your parties are FREE if you take our lessons.  The Bachata series are 6 weeks long, each level and series offers different materials and includes a review video at the end of each class.  We currently offer Bachata lessons on the Thursday nights at 927 Granville street. 

All our Latin dance classes are progressive and reviewed during the each dance class. We will also be hosting outdoor dancing for all the dancers who have a dance partner to attend with.  Registered classes can be transferred but can not be refunded once the lesson date has started.
We are starting our new THURSDAY BACHATA series on APRIL 18 Thursdays.  Our lessons are progressive, drop ins are welcome.  All our Bachata students are welcome to attend the after class Bachata practice for FREE.  
BACHATA 1 (A, B, C SERIES) THURSDAYS, 927 Granville 7:20 - 8:30PM
The Bachata Beginner series covers the fundamentals of Bachata.  There are TWO different series in Bachata Beginners to cover  the Bachata Side Basic, Front & Back Basics, Cuddle, Cross over, Variation of box steps, Double side steps, Swivels and combination of the Fundamental Bachata steps.  It is recommended that students finish both series before going into Intermediate level.  Most importantly you will learn musicality with LEADING & FOLLOWING.  We create some of the best lead and follows in Bachata dancers.  We GUARANTEE our lessons to be FUN, SOCIAL and EASY!!!

BACHATA 2 (A, B, C SERIES) THURSDAYS, 927 Granville 8:30 - 9:30PM
The Bachata Intermediates is a lot of fun.  We teach you how to lead and follow some fun and musical patterns but also we teach you how to make Bachata Sensual.  Our 6 weeks series concentrates on showing you moves that you can dance on the floor.  Ladies will learn to body roll and learn the dance signals to move her body.  The leads will learn how to lead the ladies in a soft yet assertive way to make the Bachata fun and sensual to watch. 

BACHATA ME PARTY THURSDAYS, 927 Granville 9:30 - 11:30PM
Bachata ME Practice party is FREE for our students.  You can come after the lesson and dance with some of Vancouver's best Bachata dancers and meet wonderful people while getting better with your Bachata techniques.  Open to public as well with a fee.
Semi Private training group on Saturdays 8PM. This training group will be open to current students and will have a maximum of 6 couples. Your tuition will include the Saturday night parties. You will need to sign up as a pair.Conditions!!! We are doing this to fast track anyone who's serious about social dancing and wants to get better FAST. We ask anyone that wants to join this group to only join if you will be staying and dancing at the socials.  Roger will be training you personally and dancing with everyone in this group. We will be working on spinning. Spotting. Are movements. Lead & follow.Find a partner and Please reserve your spot 
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