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Welcome to Salsastudio.  We offer Salsa lessons and we guarantee you will have FUN!!!  
Our Salsa series are 6 weeks, one hour per class.  Each level and series offers different materials and we review each class so you never forget what you learned.  All Salsa lessons comes with FREE parties after the lessons so you can stay and have a good time dancing and practicing with everyone. 
Find the class for you in the details below and check out our Advance team performance.
We are starting our new MONDAY SALSA series on FEBRUARY 25 Mondays for Salsa Intro and Intermediate lessons and FEBRUARY 27 Wednesdays for Salsa Advanced and Choreo lessons.  Our lessons are progressive, drop ins are welcome.  
SALSA BEGINNERS MONDAYS, 927 Granville 7:30 - 8:30PM
The Salsa Beginner series covers the fundamentals of Salsa.  In this series you will learn the Salsa Basic, New Yorker, New Yorker Right turn, Double hand turn, Cross body, Outside turn and combination patterns.  Most importantly you will learn musicality with LEADING & FOLLOWING.  90% of Vancouver's better performers and social dancers started with our classes to get a great foundation.  We GUARANTEE our lessons to be FUN, SOCIAL and EASY!!!
SALSA INTERMEDIATE (A, B, C LEVELS) MONDAYS, 927 Granville 8:30 - 9:30PM
This is when it gets interesting.  We teach turning patterns that are easy to lead/follow while helping you looking great and have a great time with EVERYONE on the dance floor.  The combo we teach allows a lead to mix and match his patterns and allows the follow to build her following techniques.  Please note that there are 3 Intermediate series in our program.  Intermediate A,B and C.  We recommend you finished all 3 Levels as a lead and at least 2 as a follow before moving onto our Advance Salsa lessons.
We are starting our new WEDNESDAY SALSA series on FEBRUARY 27.  In the advance level we will teach you to double and triple spin with sharpness, lead/follow intricate patterns, follow with multiple turning techniques while maintaining posture so you will STAND OUT on the dance floor.  Even though this series has A,B and C level, it will offer different Salsa patterns without repeating the same move in each series.  You can take this series until you feel comfortable to move on to the ultimate Salsa class, the Choreography Salsa performance class.  DROP IN Welcome but must have taken minimum 2 series of Salsa Intermediate.
MAMBO ON2 WEDNESDAYS, 750 Hamilton March 6, 8:00-9:00PM
MAMBO is similar to Salsa in terms of count and steps but the flavour is very much different as you dance Mambo with 2 steps forward and gives it a very different dynamic.  Welcome to ON2 Wednesdays, this is a two months project.  In preparation for the Jasso Mambo Project we will be training Intermediate/Advance Salsa dancers to dance On2 timing and techniques to help you master the up coming season of Jasso Mambo Performance Project.
Jasso Mambo.png
RESULTS you can see!!!  Check out the video below.
This is the ultimate round.  You have graduated to not only social dancing on the dance floor, now you are ready to show off your skill.  Salsa Choreography class will perform a new choreography each 4 series.  You can join at any time and train and perform the section you have participated in.  We teach a choreographed Salsa performance routine in 2.5 series and ends with the 5th series training and fine tuning everyone to get ready to perform at one of our parties provided by  Check out the Choreo class demo below to get a good idea. 
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